29 August 2009

7 Ways To Live In Harmony With Others! :D

salam all.. hakhak! this entry is specially dedicated to those who want to learn more on ways to improve ourselves in order to socialise better.. sometimes, this could be a challenge although we may not be able to realise this in our daily life.. i fact, i am not a good example personally and therefore this is like a knowledge sharing in order for us to improve ourselves together, insyaAllah.. okay guys and gurls, check this out yea! =)

1. appreciate similarity and understand diversity

every time we encounter a person, do try to recognise a major percentage of that person is exactly identical to us.. this basically helps in order to understand other people better due to the common similarities finding.. later, try to appreciate the diversity that comes from the minor percentage of variation.. usually, people tend to accept easily people that share the common characteristics, such as being hardworking, honest or even loyal.. but this does not mean people hardly accept others that share different and contradictory natural values.. toleration is important here guys! :)

2. recognise that each human is potentially an asset to the humanity

basically, everyone has to realise that each human is an asset no matter how they look like, or how they behave.. of course, we never appreciate criminals in our society right? hahaha.. but then, what happens to be more important here is the ability to see other people's value in the society.. following this recognition, each human's self esteem will be improved and therefore leads to a better living and well grown society..

3. recognise the common nature each person has to pursue personal growth and enjoyment
sometimes, people with different personal characteristics share the same way of how they handle their life.. at times for example, a person with a very strong sense of sensitivity and human based may share the same inspiration of how they organise

4. recognise the unique contribution each person is able to make 5. appreciate your natural desire to look good and perform well 6. recognise that you are able to be useful to others, and that others are be able to be useful to you 7. recognise that we share the place to live to be benefited for one another


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