03 July 2009

When You Tell Me That You Love Me by Westlife and Diana Ross

salam semua...

kali nie fifie nk share gn korang2 semua lagu yg sy ske nyanyian Westlife dan Diana Ross.. klu ikutkan sedikit research yg fifie da wat, lagu nie asalnya Diana Ross sendiri yg nyanyikan.. tp Westlife rse diorang ley bg soul yg lebih segar utk lagu yg best nie.. so diorang pn berduet la dgn penyanyi asal utk buat versi baru.. sy ske sangat2! jom tgk lirik... :)

I wanna call the stars
Down from the sky
I wanna live a day
That never dies
I wanna change the world
Only for you
All the impossible
I wanna do

I wanna hold you close
Under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile
And feel the pain
I know what's beautiful
Looking at you
In a world of lies
You are the truth

And baby
Everytime you touch me
I become a hero
I'll make you safe
No matter where you are
And bring you
Everything you ask for
Nothing is above me
I'm shining like a candle in the dark
When you tell me that you love me

I wanna make you see
Just what I was
Show you the loneliness
And what it does
You walked into my life
To stop my tears
Everything is easy now
I have you here


In a world without you
I would always hunger
All I need is your love to make me stronger


You love me
When you tell me that you love me

When You Tell Me That You Love - Westlife With Diana Ross

p/s lagu ni sgt best.. ttg cmne perasaan seorang lelaki yg bahagia ble orang yg dsayangi jge turut menyintai die.. dceritakan yg sblm pmpn ni hadir dlm hidup sang jejaka, jejaka ni rse
kesunyian sgt.. tp dgn kasih syg pmpn nie, semua rse kesunyian 2 mula berlalu pergi.. as he
feels so delightful with the woman, he just wants to do his best to give her all happiness in da world.. a very nice love song, which Westlife and Diana Ross managed to put a new soul into
it.. skee skee :)


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