24 September 2009

Tagged Answering Session :P

salam semua...

masa tu ade seseorang yg tagged sy dalam blog, iaitu cik nurul.. since mmg nk update blog tp tgh demam, so sje jela kn jawab tagged yg die bg nie.. semalam sebelum tdo da telan panadol 2 bijik, paksa gk diri nie makan cz x bgtau parents @ spe2 pn sy tgh demam.. cz ble seseorang dalam kejauhan dan hati pn tgh kesepian semacam, xde yg lain melainkan sendiri mesti paksa diri utk sihat balik la kn korang? huhu, sedeynye.. ok nk cte balik psl tagged yg sy dapat nie, da lama pn sebenarnye.. actually, rules die datang dgn lagu utk jawab setiap soalan, tp sy x bpe paham rules tu.. so sy just skip dan wat jawapan sy sendiri.. cik nurul, hope that's fine with you okay? jom korang, sy nk share jawapan saya.. :)

1) Someone asks "Are you okay?" What do you say?

I'm not.. currently having a cold fever.. :(

2) How would you describe yourself?
Silly and bubly gurl.. love to smile and can easily cry at the same time.. always appreciate people that love me.. more to know? click here :)

3) What do you like in a guy/girl?
I like gurls who would accept me as a good friend with no prior condition.. important for me cz i believe that trustworthy, honesty and being yourself are always important in any friendship..

Guys? hurm.....that's difficult! da list can be very long i guess.. hahaha! no la, here u go.. i like someone that can always make me laugh and feel safe at da same time.. i like someone that can accept me not because of my education, my looks, my money or whatsoever but to accept me because his heart asks him to do so.. :)

4) How do you feel today?
It's a two weeks holiday currently and i haven't really proceed with my notes-making plan and currently struggling with two assignments due after da break.. i'm having a fever and thus being really frustrated with myself.. :(

5) What is your life purpose?
To be a very good muslimah so that i can build a very good muslim family in da future although i'm currently not in that stage yet.. to be a very successful career woman who can always depend on herself and not to be so dependent on others.. to be a wonderful wife for a wonderful and loving husband.. to be a very good mother for my future children.. :)

6) What’s your motto?
God, this is supposed to be easy.. let me recall.. should be longer, but this one here is okay i think, "chase your dream to the fullest, ALWAYS!" :)

7) What do your friends think about you?
I know i'm not perfect.. some really love me, some would really hate me without i know that.. but it's okay, i never hate anyone to the fullest and i don't think i will ever be.. God, i pray that those who hate me would later realise that life is so short to be wasted with hatred and bad feelings to others.. :)

8) What do your parents think about you?
I know both of them love me equally.. although i always think that mum hardly express her love to the children, it's okay.. doesn't mean mum doesn't love me rite? mum and dad, i love u too! :)

9) What do you think about very often?
Someone who's very far.. someone, who still hasn't return half of my heart until now.. someone, who's always full with imperfection but that always doesn't matter in my heart.. someone, who's always kind to me when da world think that i'm such an evil gurl.. someone, whom i miss a lot until now.. someone, who sincerely loved me without any prior condition..

10) What is 2 + 2?
4 of course! :P

11) What do you think of your best friend?
She is a one sweet gurl.. but she can hardly keep in touch with me because of difficulty to go online.. still, she is sweet and i love her.. :)

12) What do you want to be when you grow up?
A very successful career woman.. that's definite, with no doubt :)

13) What do you think when you see the person you like?
I won't think.. i would just see him secretly from far with the feeling of passion in my heart :)

14) What will you dance to at your wedding?
Could be "when you tell me that you love me-westlife and diana ross".. i may dance, i may not.. hahaha! wallahualam :)

15) What will they play at your funeral?
Errkkkk... may i skip this? :P

16) What is your hobby / interest?
Crying with no spesific reasons, huhu.. shopping, going online, listening to soft music, watching movie and spending time with those who love me and those whom i love the most :)

17) What is your biggest fear?
Nothing else except Allah S.W.T..

18) What is your biggest secret?
Huh? isn't it secret is there to be keep privately and not to be exposed? :P

19) What do you want to do right now?
I really want to finish my commercial law assignment today, only if that could be possible.. uhuk uhuk~ :(

20) what do you think of your friends?
Most of them are really sweet to me.. alhamdulillah :)


zul said...

nice... good answer..

zul said...

dah ada ciri ni...

Fifie Ierina said...

encik zul,

weh, awak ckp psl ape nie? ciri ape plak dah? :(

green said...

g wat assignment~

Khai said...

ekeleh zul.. poyo tul.. ape ciri2? lempang nak? hehehehe..

eh 2 + 2 = 1 la.. Bila dua hati + dua jiwa maka ianya menjadi SATU! iaitu Cinta kekal abadi.

Fifie Ierina said...

cik green,

huhu, nk wat la nie assignment sy.. uhuk uhuk~ :(

pak cik khai,

hehehe, die mmg poyo.. mesti da lama tau kn? aduyai, tolong betulkan ckit skru2 yg longgar dalam kepala die tuh.. heeee~ :P

amboih, berjiwang plak die kt cni kn.. spe ajar nih? teeeetttt3! :P

Fifie Ierina said...


when u love someone, u'll be more than happy to make her feel safe with you..

u'll promise da world that she'll never gonna be alone in whatever difficulties that may come on your way.. u'll ensure her that whatever happens, you'll always fight with her together..

u can never afford to see her pain, yet you would always want her to share all da pains in her life with you.. u may be painful for certain reasons at times, but you'll never want to bring da pains into her life.. u would want to see her smile everyday in your life but at da same time, you could never bear her tears..

you'll always wnna listen to whatever she wnna says, but u'll never gonna get bored.. you'll be an extremely good listener without expecting a return.. you pays attention to whatever she wnna says, as if like that was da first moment both of you were meeting up together..

you will always be willing to give up da whole world to protect da one whom you love from any kinds of pain @ disrespect.. you may succeed, or you may fail.. if you succeed, you are da happiest man in da earth.. you may fail, but you definitely have tried to your fullest.. no doubt you would always at least, TRY..

when you make promises, you don't promise with your mind.. you make promises with your heart.. you'll always give out your very3 best to fulfill every promises.. at times, u may break da promises, but u NEVER EVER mean to break a heart..

u have shines of love in your eyes, and that's only for one.. u love with passion, compassion and care.. u always tolerate but u'll never ask for toleration.. U'RE A GUY OF WOMEN'S DREAM...

p/s found one video in youtube.. it was so sweet and romantic, that i just can't stop thinking of nice words to come up from that, thus sharing it in my blog.. i'm not sure if i'm romantic, but i do love poems a lot..

everything is entirely fifie ierina's copyright reserved.. :)

Nyetok said...

"u have shines of love in your eyes, and that's only for one.. u love with passion, compassion and care.." <<------- if you love someone, love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.

Fifie Ierina said...

cewwah! nie da berjangkit penyakit jiwang secara tbe2 dgn cik fifie la nie eh? hikhik! :P

Adney said...

Let finish law's assignment! haha

Leh la kawin da ni.. da ade ciri2 solehah ni.. good2.. keep it up..


Fifie Ierina said...

ape nie? ingatkan nk komen psl poem? penat taw tulis.. huk3! :(

Nyetok said...

My 2 cents, aheh saya xreti sgt pasal poem neh. Nice poem wlpon berjela tanpa poetic structures, Xbosan dibaca wlpn xde rhyming words sebab setiap perenggan ada nasihat, punchy gitu ahaks.

Lagi cantek kalo ringkas tapi padat, itu tanda anda pandai menyusun kata.Lebih lazat kalo rhyming, itu tanda kreativiti anda bermain dengan perkataan.

Acehh lebih2 plak komen.. xpe kan? komen bukan kondemm.. Pape pon, sy suka..=D

Fifie Ierina said...

hahaha, awak ckp psl ape nie? ade sebut psl rhytm la, poetic structures la pe la.. hahaha!

ingatkan senang je eik nk tulis poem nie? aiseh! ok thanks eh, i appreciate.. :)

p a a n. said...

I was wondering,
Where the heck poem is,
My god,its at the comment!

My opinion,
Ehem (repairing my bowl tie)
Its great!
great n true n right n good!
Ingatkan copy td. Tp fully tulis eh?
Betul gak tuu. Huu..
When u meet sum0ne who match ur heart. Put her at first, make her your aim, remember, the juices more better than the squeezes.gagaga. .aku da melalut. Sorry, haha

Fifie Ierina said...

encik paan,
when it comes to me letting guys finding something, i always believe that making it a bit harder is always interesting and unique.. :P

ehem3.. hahaha, siap betulkan tie lg kn! yup, da idea comes from a video, but every written down words are originally generated from the admin of this blog, a.k.a miss fifie ierina la kn, spe lg? huhu~ :P

juice is always better than squeezes nie nk ckp pe sbnya? huk3, sy slow!

p a a n. said...

IDK, i got that word from a movie
I dont even know the meaning,juz retweet that .hahahaha.

taqO said...

sy jumpe jugak.. =)

i like this part.

you'll always wnna listen to whatever she wnna says, but u'll never gonna get bored.. you'll be an extremely good listener without expecting a return.. you pays attention to whatever she wnna says, as if like that was da first moment both of you were meeting up together..

kebanyakan manusia.
apabila bercinta. semua indah.
sanggup buat itu..ini..
tidak pernah bosan dgn teman.
akan tetapi,apabila sudah terikat.
macam2 berlaku. pentingnya benda yang
remah yang membuat cinta itu kekal.

adeii~ betul ke apa yang
sy tulis ni.. =P

Fifie Ierina said...

encik taqo,
tahniah cz jumpa gk akhirnye! saya da katakan, kne cari dgn hati bukan dgn mata.. :P

owh, awak ske part yg tuh eik? tp kn awak, klu guys dapat gurls yg kuat membebel cm sy nih, agak menyeksakan kut? hahaha :P

betul2.. harus bercinta hingga ke akhir hayat.. dan seharusnye cinta menjadi semakin teguh apabila telah berkahwin, bukan semakin pudar.. benar kn? :)

taqO said...

tetibe dapat cari plak.. =)
agak menyeksakan? ohoho!
cik fifie kite kene tengok jugak
jenis laki camna yang cik fifie dapat.

tepat sekali.
cinta apabila sudah terikat ni
kene harung sesama.
DIa lah kawan kita time tua nnti.. eheh..

Fifie Ierina said...

hehehe.. akan ade satu entry yg special pd satu tarikh yg special ttg ciri2 lelaki yg sy idamkn.. ble dan cmne, tunggu.... :P

benar, sgt setuju! :D

zul said...

nice poem...
i think this poem straight for someone...

Fifie Ierina said...

encik zul,

poem nie dtujukan utk seorang suami yg telah dciptakan Allah utk saya.. seorang yg selayaknye mendapatkan puisi2 cinta romantis dr seorang isteri yg menyayanginye kerana Allah.. amin...

naz said...

lmao! daku terkena. kat sini rupenye poem eh. cakap straight to ampang point kan senang. orite then, my opinion, for me poem ni mmg fantastic! buat sendiri kan? mmg nice. I got dosed by you! =)

Fifie Ierina said...

encik naz,

hahaha! kn da cakap kt reply komen to encik paan atas nie, that whenever we women want to let guys finding something, making it a bit harder is always interesting and unique.. :P

poem nie mmg fantastic? yey! layak ke post kat majalah mne2 eik? hehehe! xpn post kt ohtidak? hurm.. i really wnna share this with more people u see... huk3!

got dosed by me?? ahakss!! malu saya dbuatnye.. klu pipi nie merah sampai esk pg ps2 kawan2 sume tye, saya bgtau nme awak okeh! hehehe.. u're sooo sweettt! thanks encik naz :)

BELALANG said...

demmm... my god... puas bllg menilik dlm air.. x jumpe 2 jugakkk.. rupenya tersmbunyi bhgian komen.. hu3 ~

ermm nothing to say la..but fifie mmg good at bermadah bhs kan.. well sape x kenal cik fifie ierina kita nie..
touching+ feeling and wording!! ha3.=p

hurmm nice poem u make.. thats very talent of u..hurmm
bllg xde ape nk komen coz its too smooth and beautiful.. cuma bler bllg bca poem fifie nie kan.. bllg teringat satu kisah mmber bllg nie
shes one of my best fren.. had a crush on her b4, but masing2 malu nk admit prasaan tue.. he3
then she couple with another guy.. and starting to avoidung me.. i wonder why and asked her.. she said nothing but nk jaga hati kekasih bru die.. ermm.. and one day.. while we sat down and start usik die ngan bf die.. die mrh2.. ckp pkwe die sengal la.. x pandai .. hu3
die ckp laki nie sblm dpt, pandai ckp.. pandai mengayat.. pandai itu pndai nie.. lepas dah kapel.. buat bodo je..
then bllg tnya die " ko react cmne??? " die jwb cm biase je lah.. bllg hangin la. pasl die ckp tue mcm nk myalahkan lelaki 100% ... kt sini nk ckp it is lumrah alam kalo kiter tgk dlm usaha nk mengorat seorang gadis tue lelaki akan tnjukkan effort bagai mcm tepon la.. sms la.. kata2 manis..but if lepas kapel.. pandai2 la give n take kan?? xkan sume nk tgu kami yg start??
kami pun ingin dimanja juga,.,=p ha3
hurmm so ape pendapat cik fifie a.k.a consultant hati dan perasaan ??? =p

Fifie Ierina said...


pandai jela awak nie eh belalang.. xde mknenye, saya cme berusaha menulis yg terbaik, selari dgn ape yg saya mahu djelmakan dalam bentuk penulisan..

terima kasih banyak2 atas kata2 awak, sy sgt menghargai :)

Fifie Ierina said...


jujur, saya hanya ingin memberi pandangan peribadi yg terbaik, sesuai dgn ape yg awak tanyakan.. klu ade yg salah, sila betulkan k? :)

pertama, saya merasakan apabila seorang lelaki ingin mendapatkan hati seorang wanita, die mmg harus berusaha dgn sabar utk mendapatkan hati wanita tersebut.. dan kebanyakan pmpn cm saya sgt mementingkn KONSISTENSI, yg mana bukan hanya apabila sedang berkenalan nk menunjukkan perangai yg bagus2, tp jge setelah hati seseorang dterima.. malah lebih penting lg apablia hubungan da pn bermula, krn itu la saat kte mula belajar ttg perangai masing2.. benar kan? :)

ttg ape yg awak katakan iaitu pmpn jge harus memainkan peranan, saya sgt setuju.. lelaki pn ade perasaan inginkan perhatian tetapi ego, lalu xnk tunjuk secara obvious betul x? hurm, sekiranya saya merupakan pmpn itu, saya akan melayani die 2x lebih baik dr layanan die.. krenye, saya akan berusaha utk faham die jauh lbh banyak dr die berusaha utk faham saya..

sungguh, pmpn adalah dciptakan dgn jiwa yg sgt lembut.. dgn menjadi pmpn, seharusnye dgn mudah menangkap perbezaan emosi seorang lelaki.. mgkn wanita tu (kawan awak) harus lebih berusaha memahami karakter lelaki tu, supaya die lbh faham bgmne nk handle situasi yg cm2..

utk seorang gadis seperti saya, bukan la seorang konsultan cinta yg benar2 mampu memberi nasihat terbaik ttg perhubungan.. krn saya ingin sekali mempunyai rasa cinta yg suci setelah saya menjadi halal utk seorang suami yg telah Allah takdirkan utk saya.. klu 2 tahun dulu, mgkn saya berpendapat bahawa berpacaran itu penting.. namun sungguh pada saat ini, ingin sekali saya berubah ke arah cinta yg dredhai Allah.. wallahualam... :)

naz said...

sweet? hahahah! sometimes je.lol!

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